Monday, April 24, 2006

A Thought!

The following poem i guess was nominated for the best poem of 2005.It goes like this...
When i was born , I was black.
When i grew up, i was black.
When i go in the sun.I'm black
And when i die, I'm still black.
And you white fellow,
When you were born ,You were pink
when you grew up , you are white,
when you go around in the sun,you are red,
when you are cold,you blue.
When you are scared,you yellow,
when you are sick, you green
and when u die, you gery.
Then why are you calling me coloured.....????????

I was struck by this!
How thoughtful this poem is? This poem was a fowarded mesage that i recieved in my mobile.Doesn't it make us think..? Is there still so much of rationalism among the so called whites and blacks.....And the most amazing thing is It was written by an African KID.The hurt is so influencing in a kid's heart at this century, then imgining how the whole sect of people would have felt, are still feeling.. ... cant go with words..


Blogger Aravinth Muthu said...

the racism hav gone to extreme ends these days...nothin much can be done abt it... unless they themselves realise the adverse effects of it n try to correct it, things can never be changed...

12:29 PM  

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