Wednesday, August 15, 2007

After a long time....

Alas ! I'm back blogging here after a long time though.My sickness leading me to boredom has now brought me back blogging.

Missing college, Jaundice the dreadful attack put me in the hospital's bed for around a week . The one thing that struck me there is what I'm going to blog about.


For a press of a button or a call or a loud cry she stands by the side asking Are you ok???Medicine time... there she knocks sharply waking me up for the medicines, and for me i had this worst appetite because of the sickness , there she comes and says "sapda la na veetu ku poga mudi ya thu" as though speaking to a kid. I guess those words did work with me because I still don't realise the transformation that took place in me when i was in bed... I behaved childish to have medicines and to even move... I guess she knew the tactics and thus those tender( konjal ) words worked with me.Believe me ,the words from them have this powerful touch that can never be expressed... Okie.. I'am being toooo stupid without writing who that "she" stands for in the above lines..

I'm talking about the Nurses who nursed me there in the hospital. It would take a lifetime for me to learn or to gain patience they possess.I admire two of the nurses who were and are still very close to my heart, this post is for them, Sesu Mary and Antho. Hats off to u both!!!:))
They were students who underwent training in the hospital that i was admitted in and they were allotted duties for their practical part of lessons.They were from different places staying in the hostel presently for the sake of their course, missing home they still managed to have a charming smile every time they treated somebody. I adore that profession which makes and portrays two great qualities one can have,It takes great pains to be both humble and noble at the same time.
Thanks to both of them and once again hats off to that profession or noble service .

Thursday, September 28, 2006

These are my golu pics... 2006 golu..

The first one is the cricket set....

The next one .. the round-tana idea was mine.. with the traffic set and an ambulane caught... the frequent scene in Chennai...One side of the rondtana leading to the cricket ground,and the other side leading o the park...

The next pic is the vayal(field's) set..

The one glowing with lighs, is the malai(mountain) ... sideby is a theru.. (procession from the temple).. leading to a mandapam ......

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Child Labour Indeed exists......

This basically is an elaboration i felt i have to put forth after i read the post in the following blog(

Yes child labour does exist......
Particularly there has arouse this thought of taking the vow of not bursting crackers protesting against the child workers there at Sivakasi.... but is that the only place where this kinda labour exists??????..... surely NO!!
What about those clotheless children working in and around the construction sites..., the one's like shown in the picture.. The village children who are brought to do house-hold job's.. what about them...??
Why does this happen.. Isnt there still so much of awareness amongst people against child labour???
Asking one such boy who is 14 years old..... he answers..
"veetla kashtam.. padikka vekka mudiyadhu..!!!"(meaning difficulties at home and could not afford studies.!)
Then after me asking whether he was taxed with so much of money in the corparation schools or if he was given an opportunity to study would he..?
His reply was padippu yeralla..(meaning he couldn't get studies in his head )
This guy whom i spoke about is one among 3 guys for his mom who lost her husband and who works as as a maid in 2 to 3 houses from morn to evening and has no time to see to what the guy does with studies and this guy obviously wouldnt have the mind to study when he is uncared about what he is doing...
This guy's elder brother who also discontinued studying should have been the only influence of this 14 yr old guy...This guy also has a younger brother who is doing his 4th std in a corporation school, when is the younger one going to get influenced???? (hopefuly not)....These guys when sent to work get money and on having that they feel why study so long and earn, rather stop studying and earn now at present itself.. thats their mentality!!!
How can that mentality be changed... only when shopkeepers and others stop giving work ...i guess so.!!!
On the other hand i see another lady who is the mother of three girls and who stayed in a village near Chengalpet, who also has lost her husband but has a rigid thought of educating those girls.. The three are also very frim that they would surely get educated.. and do their best for the mother who stays away from those children and works here in the city as a maid.....
In both cases the situation is the same and the no of children are also the same ... what is lacking in the first case??
There are 1000's of cases like this... but what is that which can bring about change within those people to bring about a better and bright future,... It just cant be awareness through media...or educating them for the need of education and prohibition of child labour...Cant be just this
that can be done...
Rising up the question.. What else to abolish the act of child labour?????????

Saturday, May 13, 2006

In Chennai......!!!!!!!!!!!

This time I felt i should really blog about the certain things that make Chennai a place to live in.. the place refers .. to different things.. how its standing unique from the rest......i call this an analysis that i find too interesting abt this place.... namely SINGARA CHENNAI!!!!
Croweded areas.. busy stations& bus stands... Vendors around yelling and hoping to sell their products.. Pollution..Heavy traffic.. mis-organised roads.. deep pits dug around.. road hawkers .... trees cut down.. katchi kodi's.. kai yenhi bhavan's(the recent biryani stalls..road la... much of rush there.. those ppl are havin a gaala time. man.sema sales dhan!!!!!!!))).. handicapped people begging(generally seen in T.nagar..They.. aren't those ppl provided with homes by the govt. wat's happenin to all those homes for the handicapped.. cant imagine that sight..)
There's this man in t.nagar who cant walk.... kind of in a paralyzed state.. this man, ly's down in the road... holds a mug with his mouth or twisted hand .. begs around... sorry to say.. this man drags himself with his body in the ground. i've seen this.. the pitiable situation is nobody around is able to do anything about this.
Now arises the question..T.nagar ,being the most busiest place around the city for shoping.., attracts the richest and the ones evn from villages too.. ..Minister's ,actors and almost all the people in the highest posts come here for shopping... they just find a suitable place to park their cars and go ahead with their shoppingg...... who's gonna change this????
An actor i dont wanna mention names.. gives note books to children for his birthdays.... goes to orphanages.For a difference why not give a caring eye for those who are not looked after and unseen.. T.nagar was just an Eg..after all.. Central..Broadway etc.. are other places. that can be looked upon....
Ohhhh sorry i've totally deviated..!! from ..... chennai Its gone to T.nagar...!!!! wasn't the above a pitiable state.. ???? there are so many many more!!!.....
The youth are out... Why find places in politics. Is that the only way to change atmosphere of the state ..?? The answer would obviously be no!!!!!!! surely no.... The most dumbest thing that happened that everybody is aware... one goes out saying TV's the other says that they'l cancel SET TOP BOXES..But this crowd(people) out here felt TV's were better i guess . hence.. votes for them.. and now they sit on the throne..What a tragedy!!!!!.. If TV set is the priority of the general mankind. who answers for the food and shelter of those kind of handicapped and lame people!!!!! It's so damn clear that here the people are not in a state of mind to even think or differentaite what they actually require.... then where are they gonna seek balance in the state!!!!Ultimate point this discussion leads to is Poverty that is the only obstacle that prevents and hinders the balance of state...

My discussions are after all gonna reach the most literate society only..... whats the use of writing here....what is that media thats gonna reach the illiterate crowd??????? The TV... but how far is it doing a good job..Infact it does nothing.. other than the 24 hr Megaserial sessions ....The final questions i raise.. Which factor is gonna change the miserable situation..? What is going to be done..???? How is it going to be done..????? Who is going to do it??? When is it going to be done???? and Where and all its going to be done..? anddddd With the help of what???????

GOD knows when there going to be a change after all. there should be a change!!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

A Thought!

The following poem i guess was nominated for the best poem of 2005.It goes like this...
When i was born , I was black.
When i grew up, i was black.
When i go in the sun.I'm black
And when i die, I'm still black.
And you white fellow,
When you were born ,You were pink
when you grew up , you are white,
when you go around in the sun,you are red,
when you are cold,you blue.
When you are scared,you yellow,
when you are sick, you green
and when u die, you gery.
Then why are you calling me coloured.....????????

I was struck by this!
How thoughtful this poem is? This poem was a fowarded mesage that i recieved in my mobile.Doesn't it make us think..? Is there still so much of rationalism among the so called whites and blacks.....And the most amazing thing is It was written by an African KID.The hurt is so influencing in a kid's heart at this century, then imgining how the whole sect of people would have felt, are still feeling.. ... cant go with words..

Sunday, April 23, 2006

There Should Be a Change!
I feel i have to surely blog about this.It's high time we raise our minds and think about a different atmospere of governance. There has aroused a situation for regenerating the area of politics.At last the youth are out fresh with fragrance and enthusiasm to begin an era with their innovative thoughts and goals.they are out with their banner "LOK PARITRAN" .This organisation is becoming popular since few days with their wide spread news around the media.They are contesting for the Forthcoming Assembly Elections.This write-up is for peoplel who haven't known about this organisation yet.The following are the confirmed candidates who are contesting in the following places!

Elanthirumaran in Chepauk
Ishrayel Mahesh in Thousand lights
Prashanth Sharma -Emore
Arvind Thiruvaiyar T.nagar
Raja mani in Anna nagar
Hari haran in Saidapet
Rabindra Ganesh in Park town
This is just their start. They have to be known.Let us give way for the young minds to lighten and brighten the future. This organisation is formed by the IITians. I just feel it's a multiplication factor they need. This time its 8 of them contesting.We need some betterment for the improvement .So why not give them a chance. So people out there in the above areas, please think hard . Give them a chance after all.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The start!

Actually beginning my blog today! i dunno wat iam gonna really say..
I was flying high few days before thinking that i had made something really innovative...
ALL you guys must be knowing. all engg colleges have these so called paper presentations.. i was really keen in doing one so started up with many infact in the first two yrs.. but then got serious With my specially designed Biometric Voter machine..unaware if it was existing before!!
u know i really worked up with so many ideas.. created an overview..... fixed up a finger print scanner in the present conventional voting machine.
What my voter machine does it its just gonna put an end for these forged votes(hoping so).. using this is gonna be simple!This avoids the ink mark, voter id with sometime unusual spellings and funny identifications...
The process is totally simplified!!
The voter goes to the balloting machine.. when a ready lamp glows the voter has to place his/her finger on the scanner . The scanner identifies the scanner with the pre-existing database and verifies it by the advanced finger print algorithms and only when that is verified the vote can be taken for account.
Unfortunately present trends are all based on the finger print recognition systems.... That's a wonderful area to explore even when it is extensively used to day!!!!
The smart card 's are just in time gonna be taken off by these biometric methods or styles...
The uniqueness in physique that is considered for identification and authentication is something fantastic!
This is my start.. actually wanted to scribble up something so started with my paper.. lots more to do abt it.unfortunately might be the judges thought it was a damn simple didnt get selected.. Waiting for a better chance to go ahead!!!!