Wednesday, August 15, 2007

After a long time....

Alas ! I'm back blogging here after a long time though.My sickness leading me to boredom has now brought me back blogging.

Missing college, Jaundice the dreadful attack put me in the hospital's bed for around a week . The one thing that struck me there is what I'm going to blog about.


For a press of a button or a call or a loud cry she stands by the side asking Are you ok???Medicine time... there she knocks sharply waking me up for the medicines, and for me i had this worst appetite because of the sickness , there she comes and says "sapda la na veetu ku poga mudi ya thu" as though speaking to a kid. I guess those words did work with me because I still don't realise the transformation that took place in me when i was in bed... I behaved childish to have medicines and to even move... I guess she knew the tactics and thus those tender( konjal ) words worked with me.Believe me ,the words from them have this powerful touch that can never be expressed... Okie.. I'am being toooo stupid without writing who that "she" stands for in the above lines..

I'm talking about the Nurses who nursed me there in the hospital. It would take a lifetime for me to learn or to gain patience they possess.I admire two of the nurses who were and are still very close to my heart, this post is for them, Sesu Mary and Antho. Hats off to u both!!!:))
They were students who underwent training in the hospital that i was admitted in and they were allotted duties for their practical part of lessons.They were from different places staying in the hostel presently for the sake of their course, missing home they still managed to have a charming smile every time they treated somebody. I adore that profession which makes and portrays two great qualities one can have,It takes great pains to be both humble and noble at the same time.
Thanks to both of them and once again hats off to that profession or noble service .


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