Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The start!

Actually beginning my blog today! i dunno wat iam gonna really say..
I was flying high few days before thinking that i had made something really innovative...
ALL you guys must be knowing. all engg colleges have these so called paper presentations.. i was really keen in doing one so started up with many infact in the first two yrs.. but then got serious With my specially designed Biometric Voter machine..unaware if it was existing before!!
u know i really worked up with so many ideas.. created an overview..... fixed up a finger print scanner in the present conventional voting machine.
What my voter machine does it its just gonna put an end for these forged votes(hoping so).. using this is gonna be simple!This avoids the ink mark, voter id with sometime unusual spellings and funny identifications...
The process is totally simplified!!
The voter goes to the balloting machine.. when a ready lamp glows the voter has to place his/her finger on the scanner . The scanner identifies the scanner with the pre-existing database and verifies it by the advanced finger print algorithms and only when that is verified the vote can be taken for account.
Unfortunately present trends are all based on the finger print recognition systems.... That's a wonderful area to explore even when it is extensively used to day!!!!
The smart card 's are just in time gonna be taken off by these biometric methods or styles...
The uniqueness in physique that is considered for identification and authentication is something fantastic!
This is my start.. actually wanted to scribble up something so started with my paper.. lots more to do abt it.unfortunately might be the judges thought it was a damn simple didnt get selected.. Waiting for a better chance to go ahead!!!!