Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Child Labour Indeed exists......

This basically is an elaboration i felt i have to put forth after i read the post in the following blog(www.ramyablogs.blogspot.com)

Yes child labour does exist......
Particularly there has arouse this thought of taking the vow of not bursting crackers protesting against the child workers there at Sivakasi.... but is that the only place where this kinda labour exists??????..... surely NO!!
What about those clotheless children working in and around the construction sites..., the one's like shown in the picture.. The village children who are brought to do house-hold job's.. what about them...??
Why does this happen.. Isnt there still so much of awareness amongst people against child labour???
Asking one such boy who is 14 years old..... he answers..
"veetla kashtam.. padikka vekka mudiyadhu..!!!"(meaning difficulties at home and could not afford studies.!)
Then after me asking whether he was taxed with so much of money in the corparation schools or if he was given an opportunity to study would he..?
His reply was padippu yeralla..(meaning he couldn't get studies in his head )
This guy whom i spoke about is one among 3 guys for his mom who lost her husband and who works as as a maid in 2 to 3 houses from morn to evening and has no time to see to what the guy does with studies and this guy obviously wouldnt have the mind to study when he is uncared about what he is doing...
This guy's elder brother who also discontinued studying should have been the only influence of this 14 yr old guy...This guy also has a younger brother who is doing his 4th std in a corporation school, when is the younger one going to get influenced???? (hopefuly not)....These guys when sent to work get money and on having that they feel why study so long and earn, rather stop studying and earn now at present itself.. thats their mentality!!!
How can that mentality be changed... only when shopkeepers and others stop giving work ...i guess so.!!!
On the other hand i see another lady who is the mother of three girls and who stayed in a village near Chengalpet, who also has lost her husband but has a rigid thought of educating those girls.. The three are also very frim that they would surely get educated.. and do their best for the mother who stays away from those children and works here in the city as a maid.....
In both cases the situation is the same and the no of children are also the same ... what is lacking in the first case??
There are 1000's of cases like this... but what is that which can bring about change within those people to bring about a better and bright future,... It just cant be awareness through media...or educating them for the need of education and prohibition of child labour...Cant be just this
that can be done...
Rising up the question.. What else to abolish the act of child labour?????????