Saturday, May 13, 2006

In Chennai......!!!!!!!!!!!

This time I felt i should really blog about the certain things that make Chennai a place to live in.. the place refers .. to different things.. how its standing unique from the rest......i call this an analysis that i find too interesting abt this place.... namely SINGARA CHENNAI!!!!
Croweded areas.. busy stations& bus stands... Vendors around yelling and hoping to sell their products.. Pollution..Heavy traffic.. mis-organised roads.. deep pits dug around.. road hawkers .... trees cut down.. katchi kodi's.. kai yenhi bhavan's(the recent biryani stalls..road la... much of rush there.. those ppl are havin a gaala time. man.sema sales dhan!!!!!!!))).. handicapped people begging(generally seen in T.nagar..They.. aren't those ppl provided with homes by the govt. wat's happenin to all those homes for the handicapped.. cant imagine that sight..)
There's this man in t.nagar who cant walk.... kind of in a paralyzed state.. this man, ly's down in the road... holds a mug with his mouth or twisted hand .. begs around... sorry to say.. this man drags himself with his body in the ground. i've seen this.. the pitiable situation is nobody around is able to do anything about this.
Now arises the question..T.nagar ,being the most busiest place around the city for shoping.., attracts the richest and the ones evn from villages too.. ..Minister's ,actors and almost all the people in the highest posts come here for shopping... they just find a suitable place to park their cars and go ahead with their shoppingg...... who's gonna change this????
An actor i dont wanna mention names.. gives note books to children for his birthdays.... goes to orphanages.For a difference why not give a caring eye for those who are not looked after and unseen.. T.nagar was just an Eg..after all.. Central..Broadway etc.. are other places. that can be looked upon....
Ohhhh sorry i've totally deviated..!! from ..... chennai Its gone to T.nagar...!!!! wasn't the above a pitiable state.. ???? there are so many many more!!!.....
The youth are out... Why find places in politics. Is that the only way to change atmosphere of the state ..?? The answer would obviously be no!!!!!!! surely no.... The most dumbest thing that happened that everybody is aware... one goes out saying TV's the other says that they'l cancel SET TOP BOXES..But this crowd(people) out here felt TV's were better i guess . hence.. votes for them.. and now they sit on the throne..What a tragedy!!!!!.. If TV set is the priority of the general mankind. who answers for the food and shelter of those kind of handicapped and lame people!!!!! It's so damn clear that here the people are not in a state of mind to even think or differentaite what they actually require.... then where are they gonna seek balance in the state!!!!Ultimate point this discussion leads to is Poverty that is the only obstacle that prevents and hinders the balance of state...

My discussions are after all gonna reach the most literate society only..... whats the use of writing here....what is that media thats gonna reach the illiterate crowd??????? The TV... but how far is it doing a good job..Infact it does nothing.. other than the 24 hr Megaserial sessions ....The final questions i raise.. Which factor is gonna change the miserable situation..? What is going to be done..???? How is it going to be done..????? Who is going to do it??? When is it going to be done???? and Where and all its going to be done..? anddddd With the help of what???????

GOD knows when there going to be a change after all. there should be a change!!!